About the Books

Ysstrhm 6, Quest’s End

A gripping saga of a man’s quest…

Since fleeing from home at thirteen, he embarks on a journey to fill the emptiness in his life. But standing in the way of all his hopes is the looming conflict, the struggle of his people against a savage force…

War rocks Ysstrhm. Palix and her followers, with Snydur by her side, confront Mascar. Chid and his followers, in the opposition, confront the wardens in the City,  while Shat’s followers rise against the gooks in the Par Rrelom, and Chovus leads his blue-clad mounts down from the Enscarf to retake the Town of the Fishers.

The formidable army of black-clad warriors leads since Jaltran’s death by the unknown one called “the Leader” mass at the fortress at the Crossroads.  Caught up in battle, Snydur’s hope of regaining Palix and finding Tisoo dims.  

For good or ill, his quest is coming to its end.