About the Books

Yssthrm 3, Second Flight

My name is Snydur and I am of the Pup chave.  I was born on the 23rd day of the 4th Dwilmonth of welling in the year 1722 of the Calendar of Uusthar.

I was clubbed into unconsciousness and carried off to prison.  It is my guilt, mine alone.

Another captivating tale of courage, intrigue, passion, and love await you in the third installment of author Douglas Browning’s Yssthrm series entitled Yssthrm 3, Second Flight.

In this book, Syndur’s enduring saga lives on and continues. As soon as he is able to escape prison, Snydur flees to the Challory, back to where his love, Palix, dwells.

However, upon reaching the Challory, he doesn’t find Palix anywhere; she has mysteriously disappeared and no one knows where or why. As the power of Jaltran’s vicious black-clad legions spreads across the Valley, Snydur sets out to search for her, traveling alone from Challory to Challory and across the forests of the land to the City to find her and keep her safe.

Along the way, he meets a band of women warriors led by one called Mistra.  A number of discoveries suggest that Mistra and Palix are one and the same.

Is she?