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Longing & Absence

It was Monday, January 17, 2011, at 4:30 PM. At this exact moment, a spine-chilling event will change the lives of several people…

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Longing & Absence

Since I continually revise all my attempts at crafting poems, I decided to try the experiment of recording all of my revisions of each poem in a limited series as I wrote them down day to day until I came to a point where I find myself with a version I either could live with or couldn’t. The final versions of the 16 poems I found acceptable begin this collection. Appended are selections of interim and discarded versions of 11 of these poems, together with a repetition of the final version up to now. Although a labor of love never adds to the value or importance of its product, which must stand on its own feet, it nonetheless owns the glory of its passion.