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It was Monday, January 17, 2011, at 4:30 PM. At this exact moment, a spine-chilling event will change the lives of several people…

Follow the story in author Douglas Browning’s

The relationship between Shydra, the wife of private investigator Hock Hocken, and police officer Alais Sánchez comes to an abrupt end when Shydra discovers Alais’s bullet-ridden body inside the entrance of her and Hock’s home. Two days later, Shydra disappears. Though the police begin to focus on her as a suspect for the murder, Hock is convinced of her innocence. He sets out on a lengthy and frustrating search for her. 

Downbeat recounts the details of both his search and his involvement with a woman from his past who supports him during his efforts.  Will he find Shydra?  And what will it mean if he does?