About the Books

Ysstrhm 5, Flight’s End

Tragedy and loss continue to follow Snydur Pup. 

After he and Ashoma journey to the City and aid in the battles there against the wardens, they hire the pirate captain Rowl to take them west to the outlaw village of Lostworld where they hope to find Snydur’s missing love, Tisoo.  Driven east by storm, they find themselves instead at the town of Mad Seasuch.  Fleeing the eruption of Balgoom, they travel over the mountains and into the fog-shrouded Wonnwol, lost and then captured by the Waol.  If they can make it back to the Valley, they will find it on the verge of all-out war.

Will they find Tisoo without endangering their own lives?  Find out as Snydur Pup’s adventures continue in Flight’s End, the fifth installment of author Douglas Browning’s Ysstrhm book series.