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POEMS 1950-2009

Acclaimed poet-author Douglas Browning marshals yet another absorbing anthology that contains the best of the best. In POEMS 1950-2009, Browning puts together all the poems he considers worth publishing among the many he has attempted to publish over the years.

Unlike many works I and others have written that may be classified as poetry, the items included here I prefer to call poems, for each is an attempt at achieving that intransitive and self-limiting magic that only a finished poem can provide. 

In this compilation, four poem collections are put together, including those in the publication of Poems and Visions in 1968. Some of the poet’s favorites from the second collection, Successes and Failures in 1989 are also included. The third collection, entitled simply Five, contains poems written between 1993 and 2004. The fourth collection, Riding the Moons, contains poems written in the seven years prior to 2009, some of which are found in one or other of the six volumes of the author’s book series, Ysstrhm.